Franchise with RadioShack

RadioShack has been a leading technology retailer for over 90 years. Founded by entrepreneurs, RadioShack offers a wide range of products and services from leading national brands, exclusive private brands and major mobile phone carriers—all in a convenient and newly redesigned shopping environment.

Why RadioShack?

With low start-up costs and hundreds of potential markets to develop, a RadioShack franchise
represents an exciting opportunity for you to associate with one of the most powerful brands in retail.


As part of the American retail landscape for more than 90 years, the iconic RadioShack brand is widely recognized by consumers around the globe. We credit our staying power to RadioShack’s customer-oriented approach, which combines a carefully selected product assortment with a convenient, small-store format and highly personalized service.
Over the years, this approach has enabled RadioShack to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving consumer electronics market and to remain relevant to consumers in every era. What’s more, it has fueled RadioShack’s evolution from a humble startup company into a multifaceted, multibillion-dollar electronics retailer with more than 27,000 associates, and a vast retail network that includes more than 4,300 company-operated stores in the United States, over 270 company-operated stores in Mexico, and approximately 950 dealer and other outlets worldwide.

Low Start-Up Costs, Sky-High Opportunity

The RadioShack Franchise Program is one of the best values in the entrepreneurial franchise market as it is an extension of the thousands of company-operated RadioShack stores. You will benefit from the incredible buying power of a major retail network in the purchase of fixtures, in-store signs and other necessities for starting a new retail business.

Brand Power

By bringing RadioShack to your neighborhood, you and your community will benefit from instant brand recognition and a reputation for quality. You’ll have access to electronics from some of the world’s most powerful brands plus our private-label assortment. These exclusive products provide a higher profit margin and include everything from high-quality audio and maker materials to batteries, cables and accessories.

Connect Globally, Succeed Locally

RadioShack is a global brand. By thinking globally and acting locally, we get stronger and stay more connected. Our intranet will keep you connected to suppliers, vendors and owners anywhere in the world.

Support for Success

RadioShack’s specialized support staff gives you everything you need to succeed, including training resources, bookkeepers, advertising, merchandising support—even real estate expertise so you can confidently put your franchise on the map.

Support System

With a RadioShack franchise, you can operate your store in complete confidence, knowing we’re with you from the start and we’ll stay with you to help you succeed.

Support Team

Prior to your grand opening, you’ll have access to a support team who will assist you not only as you build your store, but also with training so you know how to run it before the doors open for business. From opening day onward, we’ll provide all the tools necessary to build awareness and traffic.

Buying Power

You’ll benefit from the incredible buying power of a major retail network in the purchase of fixtures, signage and other necessities for starting up your business. We’ve even developed a select lineup of our best-selling products to get you started on the right foot.

New Products

And once your store is stocked, you’ll receive ongoing updates about new products, services and offerings to keep you on top of your customers’ needs. Plus, you’ll have access to a dedicated home office team to assist you with ordering and inventory.


As a RadioShack franchisee, you can leverage the strength of our national media campaigns, including world-class advertising that extends beyond television to digital, print, PR, as well as search engine optimization and social networking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many RadioShack stores are franchise locations?
At present, roughly 20% of U.S. RadioShack stores are dealer/franchise owned and operated. The remaining stores are owned and operated by RadioShack Corporation.
What are the minimum requirements for franchise candidates?
To ensure our franchisees will be able to qualify with both lenders and landlords, we require potential franchisees in the United States to have at least $150,000 in liquid (cash) capital and $250,000 net worth. In addition, retail experience is desired.
What will be my initial investment?
This can vary greatly based upon differences in store size, inventory, exterior signage needed, etc. The estimated initial investment, current as of April 2014, ranges from $144,875 to $607,351.
What are the initial franchise fee and royalty payments?
The initial franchise fee for a single store in the United States is $39,900, which must be paid in full at the time you execute the Franchise Agreement. Discounts for multiple stores are available. The ongoing royalties are 5% of your net sales and 3% for the Ad Fund (AF). Master Franchise/international fees vary per country. Please contact us for more information.
How do I obtain a RadioShack Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?
A FDD can be obtained by completing our short application form.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we do. We offer a 15% discount off the initial franchise fee for U.S. military veterans and minority-owned businesses. We also discount the franchise fee for multi-store agreements.
Does RadioShack provide financing?
RadioShack does not currently provide a financing program for franchising.
What is the minimum term of the Franchise Agreement?
Ten (10) years.
Where are franchise locations available in the United States?
Please contact us directly to discuss specific market availability.
Does RadioShack find a location for my store?
It is the responsibility of the franchisee to identify and develop each individual location. However, RadioShack does provide demographic and market analysis tools to assist you.
Does RadioShack build my store for me?
RadioShack does not build franchisees’ locations. However, we do provide a complete solution for interior design, fixture floor plans, product mix and merchandising for your store as part of the franchise program.
What qualities does RadioShack seek in prospective Owner/Operators?
Prospective Owner/Operators must, at a minimum, have the following qualities:

  • Significant business experience. We are particularly interested in individuals who have demonstrated successful ownership or management of multiple business units or have managed multiple departments.
  • Individuals who possess the capability to grow with RadioShack. The ability to develop and execute a business plan. An entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to work hard and be part of an established franchise system.
  • Ability to manage finances, including a thorough understanding of business financial statements.
  • The capability to effectively manage an organization that recruits, trains and motivates employees who deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • An acceptable credit history.
  • Sufficient liquid assets (i.e., cash) to invest in the business.
Do I have to be actively involved in the daily running of the business?
RadioShack does not require you to manage the day-to-day operation of your location(s). You are required to maintain an active knowledge of your business and employ qualified management personnel. In our experience, the more involved the franchisee, the more successful the store. With this goal in mind, we require every franchisee to attend the company’s training seminars.
What is the size of a typical store?
Size ranges between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet.
Are multiple store opportunities available?
We highly encourage multi-store franchise agreements in the United States and Master Franchise agreements internationally.For qualified franchisees who desire the right to develop multiple stores within a designated territory, we offer the opportunity to enter into an Area Development Agreement. Under this agreement, the franchisee is licensed to develop a mutually agreed upon number of stores in accordance with a specified development schedule. The number of stores to be opened in a particular area is dependent on a number of factors, such as population density, demographic data, the number of potential locations for stores and the presence of competition. During the term of the Area Development Agreement, we may not open, nor permit others to open, stores operating under the RadioShack marks in the territory for as long as the Area Development Agreement is in effect.An International Master Franchise agreement is when a Master Franchisee is licensed to open and operate multiple stores, with the additional possibility of sub-franchising, within a defined territory. The territory is typically a state, single country or group of neighboring countries, and the one-time “country fee” or “master fee” is based on the potential store development within the territory. The monthly costs and the possibility of participating in the Ad Fund may vary.

Store Formats

Choose a traditional standalone RadioShack, or expand your existing business to include a RadioShack Express or RadioShack U store-within-a-store.


Our traditional in-line or standalone stores range from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet. With a refined product mix and enhanced in-store experience, the new RadioShack is the neighborhood technology resource, equipping your customers with the products and know-how they need.

radioshack express

Our shop-in-shop concept serves customers in existing retail stores or college bookstores. It consists of a wall assortment or gondola ranging in size from 12–50 linear feet. Product categories include power, batteries, headphones, cables and accessories for phones, tablets and computers.

radioshack u

RadioShack has partnered with NACSCORP to provide college bookstores the opportunity to enhance sales. Benefit from brand-driven store traffic, national advertising and a wide range of consumer electronics—from high-quality audio to batteries, cables and accessories.

How it works

Interested in joining the RadioShack family? Hopefully you’ve reviewed the FAQ section to answer your basic questions and confirm the financial requirements to qualify. If you’re ready to learn more, check out the nine steps to RadioShack franchise ownership, from initial inquiry to grand opening.

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  1. Inquire about Franchising

    Work with your local bank to determine if you have the appropriate credit and capital to qualify for a RadioShack franchise, then fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form to learn more and get an application.

  2. Complete the RadioShack Application

    When you receive the initial email, fill out the RadioShack Application with as much detailed information as you are comfortable sharing with us at the time. Once we’ve reviewed and determined your request is a match for our franchise, we will send you the RadioShack Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

  3. Review the RadioShack Franchise Disclosure Document

    The RadioShack Franchise Disclosure Document gives you detailed information about our franchise program. Please review it with your lawyer.

  4. Visit RadioShack Headquarters

    We invite you to visit our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, at this time. During your visit, you’ll meet the key people you will work with on a regular basis to make your store a success.

  5. Franchise Approval Committee

    After your visit to headquarters, your formal application documents will be reviewed by a franchisee review committee to make sure you have all the right qualifications to be a RadioShack franchisee.

  6. Sign the Franchise Agreement

    Upon completion of our approval process, the next step is signing the Franchise Agreement, which seals our legal commitment to each other for the next ten years.

  7. Complete the Real Estate Search, Lease Negotiation and Signing

    If you don’t already have a location, the RadioShack team will work with you to determine the best location for your new store. The franchisee is very involved in this process, and we will work toward successful selection, lease negotiation and signing to secure a targeted space.

  8. Follow the RadioShack Store Opening Process

    The RadioShack Store Opening Process is an online tool that guides you through the sequence of activities necessary to arrive at the grand opening. Such activities include, but are not limited to, marketing, equipment, store design, build out and staffing. In addition, you will also attend our week long training program, RadioShack University, at our home office in Fort Worth, Texas.

  9. Soft Opening & Grand Opening

    The RadioShack team will provide support to the franchisee during the “soft opening,” the initial opening intended to smooth out operations. RadioShack will continue to provide support through the grand opening, providing template designs for promotional signage, as well as consultation on public relations, local advertising and in-store promotions.

Franchise Inquiry Form

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